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Bespoke Services Case Studies

We provide bespoke support through our residential services, supported living schemes and via our outreach programmes.

We can tailor services to individuals’ needs and match staff to their requirements. We feel it’s important to offer a highly personalised service to support each individual where required. 

Here are some examples of how we’re working within communities to help people with additional needs.

1a Hewlitt

A young person (D), was experiencing difficulties living with other service users. We offered her a new home at Hewlitt and staff were with her every step of the way to make the transition. By having a consistent staff team with a strong knowledge of person-centred tools we were able to support the development of her strengths and provide the opportunity to enjoy her leisure activities.

Since the move, her anxieties have lessened and the episodes of behaviours which challenge have also decreased. She is far happier in her own flat since the move, and continues to flourish and gain new skills with the full support of an experienced staff team.

Heather Lane

A bespoke service was provided for a lady who was struggling to maintain good relationships with the other service users within her Hertfordshire home. This resulted in some behaviours which challenged, as well as some anxiety and stress for her. 

Since moving to Heather Lane, this lady has thrived and grown in confidence, and our staff have worked hard to help her minimise her anxieties. She enjoys a variety of activities of her choosing and she has built up new friendships as a result.

Leaford Crescent

B was struggling to cope with living with three other people in his home in St Albans. He struggled with noise levels and shared living. We offered him a new flat to be purchased by the Trust to give him the space he required.

The gentleman was delighted when we offered him the flat to live in, and since moving in, he has built up a positive relationship with his family, friends and staff and local community. Intensive work with him and his family was done to build up a person-centred support plan around his wishes and goals, and he is now enjoying an active social life.


A was having difficulties living with others and he tended to display anti-social behaviours to communicate his displeasure and unhappiness. We were pleased to work in partnership with Octavia Housing to support his move to this central London flat to help him live his life more independently. Since the move, he now enjoys attending college, a very active social life, including annual holidays. He continues to develop his existing skills whilst simultaneously acquiring new ones.

Bespoke Services
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