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About us

Life Opportunities Trust (LOT) is a charity offering high quality care and support with housing to adults with disabilities. We help them to achieve greater independence and control over their own lives through empowerment.

Our aim is to help people live their own lives in their own way, choosing their own unique life path. We do this by creating personalised accommodation and support, so they can get the extra help they need – help that’s exactly right for them.

We support more than 110 people with disabilities across London and the northern Home Counties – from young people in their 20s to older people in their 80s and 90s.

We employ around 160 people, including a large team of support workers, all individually trained to support people with disabilities.

About Us

Our staff

The success of our services is down to the skill and commitment of our team. Most of our people have been here a long time, a fact we’re very proud of. We look for staff who have the commitment, energy and enthusiasm to offer the best possible services.

Training for success

We feel it’s important to continually improve the quality of our service to those we support. It’s why we offer our staff many opportunities to develop new skills. It’s also why people want to work for us.

LOT in action
LOT in action