Annual Report 2017/2018

Life Opportunities Trust, in common with all social care providers, has now undergone several years of extremely stringent financial cutbacks imposed by local authorities, and there seems little likelihood of this changing in the immediate future. Because of this, we have had to review our strategies and operations to compensate for the shortfalls and ensure that our service users are not disadvantaged by the continuing cutbacks whilst sustaining our commitment to, and reputation for, high quality in all our provision.

The Trust has been through a period of transition during the year, but we have been conscious of maintaining continuity and sustaining the spirit of all the great things we have achieved over the past twenty four years.

Outreach services continue to grow rapidly but in a controlled fashion, and we have diversified into several London Boroughs. We are confident that our services will grow to around £1m worth of business by the end of the next financial year.

The quality of our services and our standards are fully  dependent upon our staff who work directly with our service users to not only provide everyday support and care but who also play a huge part in enriching their lives by going the extra mile to help the service users reach their goals and aspirations.


The Board is committed to seeing LOT grow and develop. We believe that  next year will be as challenging  as the preceding few years have been. But we will continue to strive to provide outstanding care and support to our service users, and work in partnership with our purchasers and other stakeholders to  positively influence the lives of our service users. We know that we continue to provide a high standard of support, and believe that it is now vital to develop our marketing function to highlight  this strength to  diversify and attract a wider range of customers to ensure LOT’s continuing success in the future.